So as you know, I have been flying under the radar for about a month now… but not because I haven’t been working. Actually, exactly the opposite. I now know:  3 weeks with no sleep + 2 inspired (albeit a little bit crazy) people + 72 pages of our heart and soul= 1 Beautiful Magazine!

Ribbon 1024x662 It Is Here! The Curious Gift Wrapping Guide Has Launched!

Kara Garber and I have officially launched our first magazine together, and we are so excited about it!!! This guide is an idea that we have been tossing around for a few months. We wanted to give back to something important, and we have just the cause. Barb is an incredibly selfless woman, and she has financially taken orphans from Uganda under her wing with a small amount of resources and  a huge faith in God. We are giving part of the proceeds from every issue to the orphanage that Barb has built with her love and banana bread. Read her story here!

Globe 791x1024 It Is Here! The Curious Gift Wrapping Guide Has Launched!


We were also incredibly blessed to have the greatest contributors ever on our team. Andria Garber, Wakelight, Worthington Weddings & Events, Chartreuse Inc., and Barbara Boone. Such an inspiring group. Thank you guys, so much. You poured your heart out in each story, too.

The guide is a visual inspiration for wrapping gifts in a vintage and resourceful way without spending a fortune. You might be surprised how much you have lying around our home just waiting to top your gifts.

39 791x1024 It Is Here! The Curious Gift Wrapping Guide Has Launched!

Check out the preview by clicking the link below:

Enjoy our labor of love, and smile because somewhere across the world, a child can call a safe haven “home” on your part.

xoxo, Molly.


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  1. Aubrey says:


    The photos are absolutely gorgeous, as always! This was such a wonderful idea, I will definitely be using this for unique ideas to wrap Christmas gifts!

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