02/28/2012 Meet Rachel!

I’m finally back on the blog, and this time I’m not alone !!!

Wow! It’s really been 6 months since I posted to the blog, hasn’t it? How sad. I must say, the time has just flown by. Between photographing my amazing clients, launching Lovely Rentals, and making time for my family, I have to admit that my juggling act has caused a ball to be dropped here and there. This poor blog is one of them.
” Where there is a will, there IS a way.” Trite, but true.  And HIS will is perfect! I have been looking for an employee for awhile now, and God gave me the perfect one! Rachel is a super talented, kind, and funny young woman. She is my new portrait photographer, and associate photographer for weddings. I LOVE her, and I have no doubt you will too! We are alike in so many ways: how we see our subjects, the view of our worlds, our obsession for Hot Heads,  and the way that a brand new baby smells so sweet. And yet we are so different: Rachel is not as loud as I am (a good thing, actually!) and she can tend to multitask when I am running around scatterbrained.  She is the hands and feet to my ideas. And we could not be more excited to show you some of the amazing things coming up! Stick around- theres gonna be lots to see!
For now, enjoy some of Rachel’s recent work icon smile Meet Rachel! And read her answers to her little interview below:


Me: ” So Rachel, what are some of the things that inspire you most?”

Rachel: “Your children! I don’t know, I don’t like talking about myself. Oh, peanut butter does though. I don’t know.  I don’t want to sound cheesy.”

Me: “Go for it.”

Rachel: (giggles) “My boyfriend’s blue eyes, sunny afternoons when I have free time, my favorite song lyrics, red lipstick, anything and everything romantic and vintage. Umm, a new pair of shoes.”

Me: “In other words, you are fairly girly. Which I love about you. Moving on…”

Rachel: “Wait, I have two serious things to add. I’m not sure where these came from. One is seeing people pray in public, that is inspiring in more ways than one. The second one is seeing the way moms and dads love on their kids. I can’t help but smile.”

Me: ” So, what does your dream future involve, lots of kids, lots of travel….?”

Rachel: “My dream (I’d rather call it my reality) is for this business to continue to grow into something even more amazing, for my man and me to tie the knot, raise beautiful children together, and through it all, be happy always.”

Me: (happy sigh)”Yeah, that sounds just about perfect. So, if you had to choose , which would you rather. Coffee or tea?”

Rachel: “Hmmm.  Depends on the morning. Hot coffee and iced tea.”

Me: “Morning or evening?”

Rachel: “Well, considering my boss is also my neighbor, I don’t get to sleep in a lot. Sad.”

Me: “Bahahah. You make me sound a bit tyrannical.”

Rachel: ” You should hear yourself at 9 AM . It is almost as bad as when Grandpa Brehm woke us up on school mornings… with the TRUMPET!”

Me.”sorry icon smile Meet Rachel! Sweet or sour?”

Rachel: “Sweet!”

Me: “What is your favorite color?”

Rachel: “I can’t just have one. But if I had to choose, pink wins. Hands down.”

Me: ” So, I think it is safe to say, your dream job is photography, right?”

Rachel: “It’s not a dream anymore, it is reality! But yes, I pretty much do have the dream job!”

See? She’s amazing! Call MOLLY DUES photography, and schedule a session with her. We can’t wait to hear from you!



wysong. 2011 Meet Rachel!


Sofi is 3 9 of 50 Meet Rachel!

Sofi is 3 21 of 50 Meet Rachel!

Sofi is 3 17 of 50 Meet Rachel!

Lily is 1 48 of 48 Meet Rachel!

Lily is 1 9 of 48 Meet Rachel!

bruns family 77 Meet Rachel!



11 Responses to “Meet Rachel!”

  1. jessica smith says:

    Fab pics =] Love your work!

  2. Jill Etherington says:

    I have all of my kids’ pictures to do this spring/summer and would love the opportunity for you to take them. I enjoy your wonderful pics and look forward to the opportunity of you capturing my kiddos’ personalities.

  3. Krystel Sherman says:

    I love your style of photograpy.

  4. Candi schaurer says:

    I love looking at all your photos! U do a wonderful job. Can’t wait till my lil one is born and set up a shoot with u.

  5. Shannon H says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  6. Nikki Harter says:

    Your pictures are amazing!!! looking forward to seeing more!!

  7. Beverly Himes says:

    I love how you can capture the beauty of life in great photographs:)
    I just might be booking with you from now on!

  8. Lyndsay Lair says:

    great pics! interested in a session! :)

  9. josie turner says:

    YEAH! this is exciting! love your photo’s!

  10. Melina Kuhbander says:

    Always love looking at all the great pictures, I’ll be calling soon to book my session.

  11. cassie dungan says:

    Your pictures are amazing! Crossing my fingers to get a session with you soon!

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