so i may be no where near a “seasoned” photographer, but after 4 years and hundreds of sessions, i have decided to compile a small list of dos & don’ts for anyone who is using a custom photographer (and most of us do.)  do with them what you want, think of it as friendly suggestion icon smile Dear Client... {things your photographer wish you knew}

*DON’T start your consultation with “i don’t want to spend a lot of money….” We understand that you have a budget, and it is commendable when you stick with it. but research your photographer, and know he is in your budget. it insults him as an artist, and says “you don’t seem very expensive valuable”  Totally not what you meant, but it is how it sounds to us.

*DO ask for wardrobe suggestions. that way if your photographer wants to style the shoot, everybody is on the same page. also, what you wear goes a long way to convey your tastes and style to your photographer, and she can get a great feel for who you are.

* DO choose your photographer carefully. if you don’t love his portfolio, chance are, you won’t be thrilled with your photos. while price and location definitely play a part in who you choose, style should always be the first factor.

*while on the shoot, DO trust your photographer! if you loved their portfolio, then they need your trust and cooperation to get the kind of shots you fell in love with. if you trust her, and do what she says, chances are you might make the portfolio too icon smile Dear Client... {things your photographer wish you knew}

*once the session is over, DON’T badger the photographer about when your pics will be done. if you were given a three week deadline, there is a reason. we often stay up till 3 am, sacrificing sleep by night and family time by day to give you the perfectly edited shots. it adds more stress to our load when you keep asking. trust me, we are dying for you to see them, and fall in love with them too!

*if your session includes a cd, DO print out your pics! this is one i am guilty of~ we all are. we are so busy. but “someday” is normally code for “never.” if you don’t get to it within 3 weeks of receiving your disc, you probably won’t do it. and you do a huge disservice to the professional who carefully crafted the photos to not give them a place of honor on your wall or in an album. more than that, you cheat yourself from enjoying the beauty of your family.

*and last, DO thank him or her who gave you your beautiful memories. we are artists, and most of us struggle with confidence at one time or another, wondering if you truly love what we did for you. don’t hesitate to tell them why you love your pictures…as a beautiful and well known photographer recently quoted, “there is no way not to take this job personally.”


we love and appreciate our clients so much. enjoy the beauty of you and your loved ones~



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  1. jenny says:

    yay! good stuff! we need to get together, I hope you had a great time in CA friend.

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